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Nearly 15 years of partnership between Airbus Defence and Space and the technical institutes (Arvalis – Plant Institute and Terres Inovia) combining two complex areas of expertise: agronomics and remote sensing.

Arvalis – Plant Institute, Terres Inovia and Airbus Defence and Space have pooled their expertise and tools to develop FARMSTAR. This service offers a complete range of information and advice on the condition of crops (stand counts, nutritional condition, risk of disease, etc.). With plot-specific accuracy, FARMSTAR also supports input supply variable rate application. This functionality has been validated in the field, over several years, under extremely varied conditions.

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AIRBUS Defence&Space

World leader in the geo-spatial information market

The teams at Airbus Defence and Space put their experience to work for distributors and their members to simplify agricultural operations and to help boost the cost-effectiveness of farms.

During a FARMSTAR operating campaign, Airbus Defence and Space focuses primarily on the operation of the production chain (image acquisition, data processing, development of biophysical parameters, relevance and validation of advice) and the delivery of advice to subscribers, while maintaining a preferred relationship with FARMSTAR customers.

Backed by the success of FARMSTAR and its reputation, Airbus Defence and Space is integrating the development of its international agricultural services into its strategy by 2020.

Arvalis Institut du Végétal

Arvalis - A technical institute serving farmers and processes

Arvalis – Plant Institute, develops agronomic models and works with Airbus Defence and Space on the design and final approval of advice for controlling wheat, barley and triticale crops.

For technological, high performing and sustainable agriculture, ARVALIS-Plant Institute has the following objectives:

• improve the competitiveness of farms,

• open up markets,

• improve the cost-effectiveness of production and processes

• satisfy consumers and citizens

Terres Inovia

Technical institute for oilseed, protein crops and hemp producers and their processes

Terres Inovia (formerly Cetiom) develops agronomic models and works on the design and final approval of advice for controlling rapeseed crops.

Terres Inovia's mission is to improve the competitiveness of industrial hemp, protein crops and oilseed through technology, by adapting production to the economic context, regulatory requirements and societal demands. Its programmes aim to optimise seed production, enhance products and diversify markets.


With 20 years of research and development, including nearly 15 years of marketing, FARMSTAR is the decision-support tool leader, combining remote sensing and agronomics.


Matra Marconi Space (formerly ASTRIUM) implements the XSTAR project (former name of FARMSTAR) in partnership with CNES and ITCF (formerly Arvalis).


Matra Marconi Space becomes Astrium. The project focuses on the use of SPOT satellite data (2, 4 and 5). Validation of algorithms and initial advice regarding wheat.


Commercial launch of FARMSTAR.


ITCF becomes Arvalis - Plant Institute, co-owner of FARMSTAR with Astrium.


Cetiom joins the Astrium / Arvalis - Plant Institute partnership and contributes its expertise on rapeseed.


FARMSTAR celebrates its 10 year anniversary!


FARMSTAR enhances its service and renames itself FARMSTAR Expert.
Astrium becomes Airbus Defence and Space (Airbus Group).


Launch of the first FARMSTAR drones campaign.
Cetiom becomes Terres Inovia.


Launch of the new offering and its new FARMSTAR logo.

Horizons 2020

With its reputation, FARMSTAR decides to expand internationally.