Michel Millet - Controlling more carefully for substantial yields

Michel Millet

Bringing the right amount to the right place at the right time

Michel and Marc MILLET (GAEC de Moscou), farmers in Auriac-sur-Vendinelle, Haute-Garonne, of oilseed and straw cereals, with 120 ha of wheat committed with FARMSTAR and 13 ha of its 55 ha of rapeseed.

Is it easy to use data and advice from FARMSTAR?

Yes, my brother and I quickly got up-to-speed with the tool. By logging directly into the Terre Vive site, I can retrieve all of the information about my plots. I download the information onto a USB drive that I then insert into the unit on my spreader. It then guides the fertilisation according to the needs of my plots, as established from satellite photos.

What is the benefit of the tool?

With FARMSTAR, I can apply the right amount in the right place at the right time. These quality and accuracy objectives are easily attainable with this tool. This is a clear advantage because it ultimately allows us to save on inputs.

Has using FARMSTAR changed how you manage your fertilisation?

We were both surprised by the amount to be applied for the last input, because it is adjustable. Normally, in some parts of the plot, I would not have risked applying so little nitrogen, and in other parts, I surely would have put less. Also, this system for analysing and controlling crops, which combines satellite imaging and agronomic expertise, helps me monitor the condition of my crops as closely as possible. I can track the biomass, nutritional state and disease risk on a plot-specific scale. Ultimately, it provides a more refined approach, and I adapt the inputs supplied to each plot accordingly.

What is your assessment of this first campaign?

With the unfavourable weather conditions at the end of the season, I achieved 96% of my target yield. Along with my brother, we measured our inputs based on FARMSTAR assessments and advice from our contact, a vital synergy in the context of the year.

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